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Shopping Mall

Beginning Conversation Class December 2013

  2 3 4
  7                 8      
10     11              
    12       13 14 15
17           18                
19             20          

5.___ are on sale at Sam's.
7.I use the ___ to go to the 2nd floor.
8.___ means very nice and good quality.
9.The twins are in a ___.
10.I can buy a hamburger at the ___ ___.
12.I like a massage on my ___.
16.Sears and Nordstrom are ___ stores.
17.___ means many things.
18.The two women are ___ about other people.
19.Don is paying for his son's ___.
20.Carla is ___ into May's.
21.Three people want ___ from Lola.
1.The security ___ is watching.
2.___ means stylish.
3.Lola is ___ a juicer.
4.The ___ store is between Le Chic and May's.
6.Let's just go ___-shopping.
11.I look at the ___ to find a store.
13.The husband is ___ at a coat.
14.People are ___ in line at Le Chic.
15.Ann and Tim are ___ a break.

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