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Vocabulary from ex. 2 /136 + 3 / 138.

2   3 4     5
  6                         7
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4.If you _______ sb up, you deliberately say things to annoy them.
6.A singer /group who only ever had one success
8.If a sports player represents their country in a team game such as football, rugby or cricket, we say that they have been awarded a _______.
10.If you ________ coke, you breathe cocaine in quickly through your nose.
12.A ______ story is when sb who has had a love affair with a famous person tells the story of that affair in public.
13.If you lose _______ of sb / sth, you no longer know where they are or what is happenning.
14.A ______ model is sb who models in a revealing pose.
15.An attractive woman who appears on posters, often wearing very few clothes
17.A _____ hit is a very big hit.
19.If you are a _______ for sth, you find it very hard to resist it.
20.To start a career
21.To make or become less intellectually demanding or sophisticated
1.A short sexual affair with sb
2.The money that you pay in order to receive copies of a magazine or newspaper
3.If you have a _______ _______, you look through a book / magazine quickly.
5.The lowest common _______
7.Sb who has finished in second place in a race or competition
9.A man or boy who is especially popular and successful
11.Lacking style or good taste; kitschy
14.A magazine printed on shiny, expensive paper
16.If you take out an _______ against sb, you obtain a court order that forbids sb else to do sth.
18.Sb who is trying very hard to be like another person - e.g. an actor / musician

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