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Ahmad Gore

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1.is when two plates slide past each other
2.theory that oceanic crust is formed at ocean ridges and destroyed at deep sea trenches
3.the weight of an uptifted ridge is thought to push an oceanic plate toward the trench formed at an subduction zone
6.is a change in earths magnetic field
8.is an device that can detect changes in earths magnetic fields
12.is when two plates are colliding together (2 Words)
1.theory in which earths surface is broken into great slabs called plates
4.place were two tectonic plates are moving apart
5.the study of magnetic records
7.when a streched crust forms along a narrow depression
9.when on plate is pushed under the other
10.is a line that connects dots of the same age on an map
11.when a subducted plate pulls the rest of the lithosphere with it

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