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Trouble on the Frontier

Mr. Brady

1 2 3
6             7  

4.leader of the Virginia militia who attacked the French forces in the ohio River Valley and established Ft. Necessity
5.a written request to a government - a formal written request made to an official person or organization
6.to refuse to buy, use or participate in something as a way of protesting
8.a cousin of John Adams who established a Committee of Corespondence to keep colonists informed of British actions
9.a tax on goods that are being brought into a country - something that is required as part of a job
10.smallest quantity possible
11.a stage of development
12.an agreement between nations or groups to help each other against other nations or groups
13.showing strong feelings such as love, anger, joy, hate or fear
1.to give control of something to another person, group or government
2.court orders that allowed officials to make searches without saying for what they were searching
3.a well-known Massachusetts lawyer who defended the British soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre
7.to find an answer or solution to something - to make a definite and serious decision to do something

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