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Big Nate Characters

Big Griffin

Just what it sounds like!

1 2
6                   7
9 10                    
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      17 18   19    

3.Gave Nate a detention for ripping a quiz. (2 Words)
5.She wants to name a cat Ms. Kissykins.
6.Pass The Gravy. (2 Words)
10.Extra Credit: Who gets and excused absence to get a wart zapped? (2 Words)
11.Extra Credit: Who should you throw carrots at, at lunch? (2 Words)
13.Shifting Plates. (2 Words)
15.Extra Credit: What is my (the creator's) name?
18.Has a comic strip called "Fishbreath" in the school paper.
20.Nate's coach. (2 Words)
21.Drama club is her everything. (2 Words)
22.Ultra-Nate saves her.
1.Doesn't know how to work the DVD player.
2.Extra Credit: Who are the people on the back of Big Nate Flips out? (just list the names no comas or ands or spaces and in alphabetical order) (6 Words)
4.Had to scrape something off the ceiling for two hours. (2 Words)
7.He's the greatest.
8.A+, A+, A+, and once, a detention.
9.Extra Credit: In what month is Big Nate in the Zone coming out?
12.Nate has her 2nd period. (2 Words)
14.Nate's (Drill Sargent) coach. (2 Words)
16.Best friend #1.
17.Has a mustache.
19.Best friend #1A.

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