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Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Mikaela Pelagio

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2.The normal force exerted by the fluid per unit area of the surface.
5.The property that indicates the direction of the flow of energy through a thermally conducting, rigid wall
7.Type of system which cannot transfer matter but can transfer energy in the form of heat, work and radiation to and from its surroundings.
9.The capacity to do work.
11.The body or assemblage on which attention is focused is called ________.
14.Process that is in equilibrium state only at the initial and final stages of the operation.
17.Its value depends only in the current state of the system and is independent of how that state has been prepared
18.Is a process where heat is released to the surroundings.
19.Is the energy of motion and is proportional to the square of the velocity as well to the mass of the moving body.
20.Is performed whenever force acts through a distance. It is done to achieve motion against opposing force
1.Comprise the region outside the system and are where we make our measurements.
3.Is is a process where heat is absorbed from the surroundings.
4.The study of the transformations of energy.
6.Process that is equilibrium state at all stages of the operation.
8.Is the energy of location or position of a mass in a force field.
10.The total energy of a system
12.Is an energy transfer induced by temperature difference.
13.A closed system that has neither mechanical nor thermal contact with its surroundings
15.Is the amount of heat content used or released in a system at constant pressure.
16.SI Unit of force. Defined as the force which when applied to a mass of 1kg produces an acceleration of 1 m per second squared

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