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3.the flow of electricity through a conductor
4.a device that allows an electrcial circuit to be opened or closed
5.conducts electrcity in one direction only
7.a filament held by two stiff wires and surrounded by a clar glass globe
8.a closed loop of conductive material that will allow electrcity to flow through it
11.A material through which electrical current can flow
14.a complete electrical circuit
15.having to do with making or using electricity
1.A type of circuit where electrcity can flow through more than one path
2.an item that uses electricity
4.A type of circuit where all the elctrcity flows along the same path
6.a material that does not easily carry or allow the passage or flow of an electric current
9.a source of electrcial energy that is created by a chemcial reaction and pushes electrci charges in a circuit
10.a circuit or electrical path that is broken or incomplete, and so electrciity cannot flow through
12.the force or push by which electricity is pushed through a circuit
13.a wire or similiar part of a light bulb through which electricity flows; it glows from the heat generated by passgae of the electrical current

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