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6.the hairlike projections on the outside of cells that move un a wavelike manner
7.a cell structrue that contains nucleic acid; controls cell activities
10.a long whiplike structure used for movement that extends out through the cell membrance and cell wall
13.a "false foot" or temporary bulge of cytoplasm used ffor feeding and movement in some protozoans
15.a structure in the cells ofplants and some othe organisms that capture energey from sunlight and uses it to produce food
16.collect excess water from the cytoplasm and expels it from the cell
17.a sac inside a cell that acts as a storage area
1.one celled plant with cilia
2.common one celled animal that lives in freshwater, makes its own food from choloplasts, moves with flagella
4.a stiff but flexible covering that surrounds a paramecium and gives it shape
5.once celled microscopic organism moves with pseudopod
8.a cell structure that controls which substances can eneter or leave the cell
9.a funnel-like indentation lined with cilia that moves water containing food into the vacuole that forms at the end of the oral groove
11.how something moves
12.a eukayotic organism that cannot be classified as an animal, plant or fungus
14.microscopic one celled organism moves with cilia

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