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Periodic Table Challenge Crossword Puzzle

Tate Johnson, Period 1, Horridge

This puzzle includes 20 vocabulary words- Periodic Table, Metals, Metalliods, Nonmetals, Alkaline Metals, Alkaline Earth Metals, Transition Metals, Boron Family, Carbon Family, Nitrogen Family, Oxygen Family, Halogens, Noble Gases, Hydrogen, Atomic Mass, Element Symbol, Atomic Number,Periods, Groups,Dmitri Mendeleev, Reactivity, and 103.

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5   6                                    
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      12   13
    14     15                    

4.The abbreviation for an element, always having one or two letters in it, sometimes having no correlation with the name of the element that it is abbreviating. (2 Words)
6.One of the elements in this group is Calcium. (3 Words)
7.Another name for the columns in the periodic table.
9.Have both the properties of metals and nonmetals.
10.This group contains the element Phosphorus, which is very reactive and is used in fireworks. (2 Words)
11.This group's elements all are solids at room temperature except the element with eight protons and neutrons in its nucleus. (2 Words)
14.This group is the most reactive of all of the groups. (2 Words)
18.Most of the elements in this group are poor conductors.
19.The mass of the neutrons and protons in an atom combined. (2 Words)
20.Another name for the rows in the periodic table.
21.In this group, all of the elements are colorless, odorless gases at room temperature. (2 Words)
22.The number of elements in the periodic table.
1.A Russian chemist, he created the periodic table. (2 Words)
2.The likeliness that an element will violently respond when being mixed or coming in contact with another element.
3.The largest group in the periodic table. (2 Words)
5.Includes a very common element that has 13 protons in its nucleus. (2 Words)
8.All of the elements are organized into this table. (2 Words)
12.They make up the majority of the elements.
13.This group's elements contains one nonmetal, two metalloids, and three metals. (2 Words)
15.The number of protons in an atom's nucleus. (2 Words)
16.This group is the only group with one element in it.
17.This group's elements are all nonmetals and are all very reactive.

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