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A Good Read

sevastyanova Anzhelika

1 2 3
        5 6
9 10 11                

7.Easy and enjoyable to read
11.Describes something that is very interesting and keeps your attention
13.It is an alphabetical list of subjects covered in the book
14.This is a written commentary that supplies necessary background information
15.Very interesting because of being unusual or mysterious
1.It is instruction on how to use or prepair a machine
2.It is a list of what is contained in the book
3.It is a list of sources that were used in preparing the book
4.It is a short description by the publisher of the contents of a book, printed on its paper cover
5.This page gives the copyright dates, the names of copyright holders
6.It is an introduction to a play, long poem
8.It is a list of names of places printed at the end of an atlas
9.It is an empty page at the beginning or end of a book
10.It is a dictionary of unusual or technical terms used in the text of the book
12.It contains additional information, often in the form of maps, charts, tables

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