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Advanced Comp-Newswriting

Brandy Takeda & Johnie Williams

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1._________is events that are usually not considered immediately important or timely.
3.The opening paragraph that provides the gist of the story and invites the reader inside.
6.Avoid using ________ expressions.
9.An interview in which the reporter begins with non-threatening background and open ended questions.
12.A________lead made up of short burst of phrases that carry readers into a story by dangling some of its key elements in front of them.
14.Something you keep handy to write an idea in for a possible story.
15.Traditional news writing form in which the key points of a story are out in the opening paragraph.
16.Main story in a group of articles about the same topic in a single edition of a newspaper is a_________
19.___________ are sent out to the media--typically, by the public relations staff corporations, businesses, universities, organizations, political parties, etc.
20.Something that tells the readers the source of information.
21.Style of writing in which the major news of a story is reported in the first few paragraphs and then a transitional paragraph introduces a chronology of events of the story.
2.An umbrella term for a variety of stories written on soft news events is a _________
4.Superfluous, overwritten and untimely information from a press release.
5.__________ release is a planned release focusing on organizational changes of interest to a target audience.
7.ENGL 3280 advanced composition newswriting teacher of the year is Dr. _____
8.A feature story that brings an audience closer to a person in or out of the news.
10.A(n) _________ is a type of interview in which the key questions, often the questions, are asked immediately.
11.Events that are timely and are covered almost immediately is_________
13.A story about someone who has died.
17.Write up, or broadcast piece that chronicles the 5 W's and H of timely occurrences.
18.A _______ is a story written on a soft news event that can profile, humanize, add color, educate, entertain, or illuminate.

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