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the purloined letter


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1.Dupin is a private detective for hire, but is the "___" in the story
5.Dupin and the Minister are "___"matched intellectually
8.The best place to hide something
9.The Purloined Letter is a short story in this genre
12.The Minister represents intellect and high society, but he is the secondary "___"
2.Dupin's intellectual savvy creates a specific commentary on the "___ ___"
3.Prefect lived amid an absolute legion of "___"
4.Dupin's method of anlaysis, he is "____" with the criminal mind
6.the narrator and Dupin breakdown the action of the story in a single setting, the "___"
7.Key motivator for Dupin to solve the crime
10.the unnamed narrator places the role of "___" between Dupin's eccentricities and those of the Minister
11.Dupin bests the Minister not with intellect, but with superior "____"

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