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Adjectives for describing character

Complete the puzzle, using adjectives to describe character and job titles

2 3 4  
  5 6             7     8        
11                   12 13      
16         17             18            
19   20           21  
      22                     23    

6.able to make others laugh and smile easily
7.afraid of doing things that are challenging or scary
9.someone who works in developing scientific theories and research
11.always working hard to get the best from a situation
14.able to think your way through difficult problems
16.not being afraid to do difficult things
18.a famous singer who has sold many albums (2 Words)
19.a person who wears new clothes and is photographed by others
22.a major person in the business community (2 Words)
25.confident in speaking to new people
26.naturally talented at painting, drawing, sculpting etc
27.someone who has created a new technology to help other people
28.staying true to themselves, even when they have had great success
1.a person who is professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of an elected officesomeone who (2 Words)
2.easy to talk to and kind
3.a person who is involved in making music, but not necessarily famous
4.always telling the truth, even when it is difficult
5.able to come up with new ideas easily
6.a person famous for their roles in movies and television
8.someone who tries to change the world by organising protests and events
10.someone who looks for new and challenging opportunities
12.a person who is excellent at competing in sports competitions
13.determined to succeed in everything they do
15.special and excellent at what they do
17.giving their own time or money to help others
20.someone who controls or bosses around others
21.a creative person who comes up with new ideas for fasion, marketing etc
23.focused on making sure their work is always of a high standard
24.someone who creates stories, poems or newspaper articles for a living

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