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Rian Willmot

Puzzle based on a summary of Spartan Art by Dr Helen Schrader

1           2 3
  4           5
6           7  
8   9                    
  10           11          
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20                 21          
22   23                    

1.Spartans advanced into battle doing this
4.A kind of dance contest famous in Sparta
6.Sparta was renown for this
9.These were coveted gifts and imports
10.A festival that featured choral dance contests
12.Sparta was renown for this
14.Works in this were high quality exports at one stage
15.The Spartan Assembly Hall was a monumental one of these
17.Sparta claimed they built their monuments in this
20.A famous temple circa 700BC
21.The Persian Stoa was constructed here
23.A reason why Spartan architecture remained unchanged
24.Spartan sculptors were represented at this pan Hellenic site
25.A writer who disparaged Spartan architecture
26.Spartan sculptors were represented at this pan Hellenic site
2.Sparta enjoyed this between 650 and 550 BC
3.A Spartan poet of love
5.A Greek geographer and traveller
7.A famous polymath and Spartan devotee
8.These "artists" were admired throughout Greece
11.A temple built in Sparta's Golden Age
13.Sparta's greatest monuments
16.A significant export for 100 years
18.A festival that featured choral dance contests
19.A kind of gift which demonstrated the quality of Spartan bronzes
22.A massive statue in the Amyklaion

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