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1 2 3
    6                 7
8           9              
11   12    

4.He was Santa Claus's favourite reindeer and he had a shiny nose.
6.We get these if we are good girls and boys.
8.If we are good he'll bring us presents.
10.We see these all through the year but only decorate them at Christmas
13.Month of the year when we celebrate Christmas.
15.We traditionally send these to each other at Christmas.
16.We sing these at Christmas.
1.We put these on the table and light them up when we have dinner
2.You can only make him with snow.
3.We eat these all through the year but only at Christmas we eat this type.
5.We use these to decorate our homes and gardens.
7.Time of the year when we celebrate Christmas
9.This day we wake up to see all our presents waiting for us.
11.It has 4 legs, two horns and he helps Santa Claus with his sledge.
12.They ring a lot at Christmas. Ding Dong.
14.All the children love to recieve these.

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