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Articles of Confederation

B. Lyle

1 2               3    
7                     8

2.the idea that real power should remain in the hands of the general public (2 Words)
5.1st constitution of the new republic (3 Words)
6.something the new govt. was allowed to do to protect all the colonies (3 Words)
7.a concept most states agreed with as they hammered out the new govt. (2 Words)
9.A task necessary for the new republic to conduct business home & abroad (3 Words)
10.this person wasn't authorized by the new govt. under the Articles (2 Words)
11.the articles were designed with this intentionally. Most states wanted to trump (3 Words)
12.voting requirement used in nearly all states in the 1780's (4 Words)
1.the idea of having a 2-house legislature
3.two things the new republic could do under the Articles (5 Words)
4.the new govt. under the Articles consisted of this
8.a form of government whereby elected officials do the business of govt.

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