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Know your Overtonz

1       2
5       6 7  
9   10  
11           12                      
13                       14
15 16                    
19                   20      

1.When visiting Nonna, you'll always get a cup of this (5)
4.Steph is bad at many things - and this is one of the biggest (7)
5.If only Luisa had more of this (5)
8.If Nonna had a TV show, this is what it would be called (7,5)
11.As of quite recently, Andrew is lacking this trait (6)
12.One thing that Gabby lacks (12)
13.You can find the family here every Friday night (5,5)
16.Peter's arched nemesis in the salad bowl (8)
17.If you're this type of person, Luisa will not like you (3)
18.Steph can probably tolerate it, but she chooses not to (7)
19.The most delicious place in Sydney (3,7)
21.Where Steph was this time last year (7)
23.The suburb you can usually find Steph in from 9-5 (5,4)
2.Gabby's favourite childhood movie (4,6,8)
3.Our first - and only - overseas family holiday (4)
6.Gabby and Luisa's outfit of choice (7)
7.Peter is full of this (3)
9.Monty's estimated age (3)
10.The organ that doesn't like Mike (4,7)
12.That's a nice stencil, do you know what you could use it for? (10)
14.The place where sparks first flew between Barb and Michael (8)
15.Barb's favourite place to shop (5,4)
20.The sweet treat that Andy hates to eat (4)
22.The middle name that also refers to a beverage (3)

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