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Webpage Design Final Review

Shannoy and Fairen

Webpage Design Final Review

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1.When you open a site you must go to which menu to define your folders? (2 Words)
7.An image that changes to another image when you place the mouse over it is called? (3 Words)
11.A single page that is part of a collection of pages to be published is called a_________?
15.What is a desktop computer that is capable of obtaining information and application from a server?
16.What connects you to another page on your site? (hint:__________/_________) (2 Words)
18.Under which menu will you find the form objects?
20.When creating a table, the ______________mode allows you to draw, re-size, and move boxes
21.Scanned pictures need to be saved to the ___________folder
23.What is a form of property which gives the owners certain rights that may be denied to others?
24.When creating a table, the___________ mode presents tables in a grid format.
25.Online etiquette; a set of rules to follow to create a safe environment.
2.What does e-mail stands for? (2 Words)
3.When creating a survey, you will first need to create a _____________?
4.A hotspot creates a link from an ______________?
5.What does HTML stand for? (4 Words)
6.Dreamweaver software is what type of program? (4 Words)
8.When creating a website what should you consider? (2 Words)
9._________engines help you find information about specific subjects
10.A collection of pages to be published on the internet is called a__________?
12.An ______________link connects you to another site
13.When creating a table in the layout mode, you must draw a ____________ ___________ before drawing cells (2 Words)
14.A background setting can be changed from what menu?
17._________bars are used to easily move from page to page in a website?
19.You must create an___________folder inside of your local root folder.
22.Cells can be combined by using the ____________button on the property inspector.

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