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U.S. History Sem 1 Part 1

Mr. Panther

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2.provided a plan for governing western lands
4.right of states to ignore federal law
5.inspired people to work for a variety of social reforms
8.made the American public dislike the French
9.nearly doubled the size of the United States
11.as President he reduced the size of the federal government and reduced spending
13.passed by Federalist Party; made it crime to speak out against the government
16.Supreme Court case the used a broad interpretation of the Constitution to expand federal power
17.slave rebellion in South Carolina that led to creation of Negro Acts in the colonies
20.Andrew Jackson's first vice president; Jackson threatened to hang him over the issue of nullification
23.pro-indepedence pamphlet that led common men to support independence
25.as a result of this war the British were successful in driving the French out of North America
29.drew a line across the United States; state above were free states; states below allowed slavery
32.those in colonies that believed the Patriots were too radical and that independence from Britain was not needed
33.reformer who worked to improve conditions in prisons and hospitals
34.period of time in which old ways of thinking about sciences were challenged
36.Patriot group that led violent protests against taxation in the colonies Lexington fighting began here when British troops came to take colonial weapons
38.increasing exports of goods and decreasing imports of goods
39.period of time in which the colonist begin to have new beliefs about religion and governments
40.added to the constitution because the anti-federalist believed it did not do enough to protect individual rights
41.political party that was formed after Jackson vetoed that bill renewing the National Bank
42.______ of 1837; caused when the federal government stopped accepting paper money for land
1.Treaty that gave the colonies all the land east of the Mississippi River
3.written to declare independence from the British king
6.as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court he established the power of judicial review
7.used nature as a teacher
10.escape route for slaves from South to North and ultimately Canada
12.President that was against the National Bank because he believed it favored a wealthy few
14.this invention made cotton the dominant crop in the Southern United States
15.French made an alliance with the colonist following colonial victory at this battle
16.Slaves come from Africa to West Indies (Caribbean)
18.group that was against the Constitution because they feared it gave to much power to a central government
19.first Secretary of the Treasury; supported the creation of the National Bank
21.Revolutionary war battle in which the colonial soldiers surprised Hessians on Christmas Day
22.Time period where William & Mary leave colonist alone as long as colonist cooperated with British economic policies
24.political theory that defines the different responsibilities for each branch of government
26.prevented the discussion of abolition in Congress
27.nickname of politicians that wanted U.S. to take over all of Canada in the War of 1812
28.created the system of 13 federal district courts
30.location of first Women's Rights Convention
31.state and federal government share power
35.fighting began here when British troops came to take colonial weapons
37.first American industry to be affected by the Industrial Revolution

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