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Beeson Crossword

Donalda Dawn Beeson

A crossword puzzle for my family in memory of my Grandpa Bob Beeson who we are spending our first Christmas without and in honour of my Grandma Cloe Beeson who loved Crossword Puzzles. I'm grateful for my family.

1 2 3 4        
5       6   7                
  8               9
10                     11    
  13       14   15           16    
17             18 19
20                     21              
            25         26
  27                 28          
29   30                               31   32  

4.Bob Beeson was _____ years old when World War One ended.
5.In his later years if you asked Bob Beeson what he was up to, his favourite thing to answer was “Oh, not doing much, but still getting ____.”
7.Bob Beeson’s favourite Country to winter (Costa Rica).
8.Bob Beeson’s youngest brother, and partner of the lovely Faye.
10.Bob arrived in Valemount 39 years after his own father first travelled up the _____ _____ with Fulton McKirdy (2 words).
12.Bob Beeson’s younger brother Harvey Beeson’s beautiful other half.
13.Bob Beeson marched in the _______ ___ parade every year (two words)
20.Bob Beeson’s sister that did not enlist in the armed forces because she was raising a family; the only one of the six siblings at that time that didn’t go.
21.Bob Beeson set up ________ for a living when he first came to Valemount.
23.Bob Beeson had ____ brothers and sisters.
25.Bob Beeson’s middle son, who was name after his brother who passed away as a child.
27.Bob Beeson’s brother whom he came to Valemount with in 1948 to set up a Sawmill for Bill Olexiuk.
28.Bob Beeson was born in the same month as his Grandson Ryan, the month of ____.
29.Town, and Province where Bob Beeson was born in (2 words).
31.Alan Beeson said Bob Beeson’s approach to life was simple, “No need to talk about it a lot, or look for negatives, let’s just it ____.”
33.Mother of seven who lived to 100 years of age. Her name means Spirit in Spanish.
34.Flying being depicted on the Beeson Family Crest.
1.Bob Beeson grew up in ____ _____, Alberta (2 words).
2.Bob’s siblings said Bob was like a _____ to them, as their father was away working a lot.
3.Bob Beeson joined the ____ ______ ___ _____ in 1943 taking trades in practical radio, A /C and Refrigeration, and Machining.
4.Bob Beeson survived nearly freezing to death by burning his ________.
6.Bob Beeson passed away when he was ____ _____ years young.
9.Bob Beeon’s father’s first name.
11.Year Bob and Cloe married.
14.Bob Beeson’s sister that enlisted along with her five brothers.
15.Bob Beeson’s sawmill partner and friend ____ _____ (2 words).
16.Bob Beeson almost froze to death on the _____ ______ in 1942.
17.Bob Beeson’s youngest son and for short.
18.Bob Beeson fell ___ years short of his planned departure of at least 100 years.
19.Bob Beeson quit school at the age of ______ to start sawmilling and help take care of the family.
22.Bob Beeson wanted to name his only daughter ______ for V-day, but settled on Katherine.
24.In his later years Bob Beeson wore his hair in a _______.
26.Bob Beeson’s mother’s maiden name.
30.Bob Beeson’s eldest son, named after Bob’s own father.
32.The Beeson family’s most prominent facial feature.

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