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1     2                 3   4         5
6                             7  
    11 12 13                    
  14         15      
      19                   20
22   23              

1.Account where interest sweeps when meeting Kasasa Cash qualifications (two words)
3.Benefit category for Kasasa Cash
6.Having your checked placed in your account through ACH (two words)
8.Maximum dollar amount 2.02% APY is paid on for Kasasa Cash (two words)
10.Maximum dollar amount .75% APY is paid on for Kasasa Saver (two words)
13.Up to $15.00 per statement cycle reimbursed when qualifications are met (two words)
15.This Kasasa account is limited to one per household
16.Qualification cycle is not the same as this (two words)
19.Time allowed to keep Kasasa accounts without meeting qualifications
21.Monthly Tunes credit with associated debit card purchases (two words)
22.Minimum debit card transactions per statement to qualify for rewards Cash
24.This Kasasa account allows you to donate to one of three charities
25.Refer to this benefit category when concern is lost statement in the mail
2.Kasasa Giving charities are Stand up tor Cancer, Boys & Girls Club and (two words)
4.Suggested service when customer has checking and savings to avoid overdraft fees (two words)
5.Make your purchases fast and easy with this service (two words)
7.Benefit category when Kasasa Cash interest and ATM refunds sweep to your Saver automatically
9.Retrieve these on line to qualify for Kasasa benefits
11.Minimum deposit to open all Kasasa accounts (two words)
12.Type of protection that guarantees your funds are safe (two words)
14.These are avoided on all Kasasa accounts (two words)
17.This is avoided even if qualifications are not met
18.$0.03 donated for every debit card purchase over this amount two words)
20.Minimum debit card transactions per statement to qualify for Kasasa Tunes
22.You will receive $10.00 in credits with initial opening of this account
23.This type of valid address is required to open Kasasa accounts

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