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Guadalupe, Dulce, Natalia, Melinda7 Hector

Vocabulary words

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1.A continuos noise
4.A large crowd moving in a noisy uncontrolled way.
8.Very cautious or careful
10.To touch something lightly and sometimes damaging it.
11.A large piece of material or net you can sleep on.
12.Very large in size.
16.To throw something using a lot of force
17.Gone after going further and further away
19.To allow yourself to feel sad, upset, or full of pity.
21.Being held steadily
23.A threadlike, leafless organ of climbing plants, often growing in spiral form, supporting the plant
26.Strong changing movements of water or air.
27.Altered or damaged purposely; misused
28.To flow slowly through small holes or cracks.
29.Unclear because someone does not give enough details.
30.Able to live both on land and water.
31.Having a weight, heaviness; being significant or important
32.Going on and on, with no interruption
33.The fleshy parts of the body around the hips
2.A raised mark on someone’s skin where s/he has been hit
3.A handle on a piece of equipment that you turn in order to move something.
5.Exciting pity or sympathy.
6.Large land with very cold weather and no trees.
7.Extremely difficult to deal with, and involving strong emotions.
9.A slow flow or passage through small openings.
13.Having large or wide extends
14.Exciting pity or sympathy
15.A twisting of a face or features.
18.Someone who studies living things.
20.A period of time
22.To reduce by subtracting.
24.A small stream
25.To hold steady.

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