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The South and Slavery

Group 4

Use what you already know and what you have learned from the Presentation to fill out the crossword. (Be Careful not all words will be used)

1 2 3 4

5.An estate which crops are cultivated by resident labor.
6.The organization of slave hands into working teams on southern plantations.
11.A room where slaves were held before and during a slave auction.
12.The Original six states growing to 12 and then adding Florida, Texas and Arkansas by 1850
1.Revolution in the means and organization of production.
2.A commodity moved from one region to another for the purpose of trade.
3.Cotton and cotton growing considered as a vital commodity, the major factor in the economy and politics.
4.A soft Fibrous substance composed of the hairs surrounding the seeds of various tropical plants.
7.Capital of Louisiana.
8.A machine used for separating cotton from its seeds.
9.A person who is property of another.
10.Someone who is skilled in an art form.

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