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3             4 5
  6                   7
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  12 13      

3.Healthy fruit crop of Himachal
6.Lady's loom named after its city
8.A high posting to one of thecoldest region of spirituality
9.A bloom whose stigma makes it expensive
11.A hot drink which appreciate the saying
14.Variety of brandy which CHANDNI drank
15.Flower name resembling coolest of water
16.Finest wool of chiru
1.One of 'Dadi ma ka nuskha' to avoid saying ' bless me'
2.Harvesting festival when you can hear .. Kai po che
4.Playing with J on frozen water
5.Delicacy which share bond with maize
7.Golden cocoon fibre of North East
9.Second largest glacier of conflicted india
10.Bushy mammal of cold region
12.Rich energy source used in cakes & bakes
13.Backdrop in most of Yash Chopra's movies

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