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Chapter 5 Management

Mrs. T.

2                             3  
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12               13

2.According to the NFIB, an owner's ________ _________, not loans, are the most important source of money (2 Words)
4.Banks, independent investors and the government are these.
9.These companies often require partial ownership of the new firm in exchange for their financing. (2 Words)
11.64 of all new businesses will not celebrate a _________ anniversary.
12.This was founded in 1953.
14.A segment of a market not currently being exploited.
15.The franchisee pays the franchiser a ___ for the use of its name, trademarks, formulas, design, and so forth.
16.Almost ___% of business with fewer than 20 people are involved in construction.
1.A market in which several large firms compete. (2 Words)
3.Chapter 5 deals with ______________ and new venture formation.
5.The relationship between cost and production is called. (3 Words)
6.Many new products were created because of _________.
7.Figure 5.3 shows what industry having fewer than 3% employees.
8.Another key ingredient to entrepreneurial success is the preparation of a strong _________ ________, a document that summarizes the business strategy and structure. (2 Words)
10.A person who engages in entrepreneurship.
13.The chapter shows how many industries to choose from.

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