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Weather and Natural Disasters pages 184-185

Beginning Class January 2014

  4         5      
6     7        
  8         9        
  11 12     13
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22                 23          

1.Broken building pieces
3.To the roof
4.A snowstorm
7.This happens to food in a drought
8.The future weather
10.This happens to freeways and buildings in an earthquake
14.This happens to trees and plants in a fire
15.Very loud
17.You feel these after the first earthquake
20.Another name for twister
21.After a lot of rain, this falls down a mountain
22.Red Cross, National Guard and United Nations
23.Run away fast!
1.This scale measures earthquakes
2.A lot of trash
5.This falls down a mountain in winter
6.Pack my clothes and get my car
9.This is in the sky after a volcano erupts
11.This is what California has NOW
12.Another word for devastating
13.Another word for disaster
16.This fault is in California
18.Another name for typhoon and cyclone
19.This is red and hot after a volcano erupts
20.Another word for tidal wave

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