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1 2
5                   6 7
    9       10             11
  13           14          
      16 17              
    19     20  
    21           22  
23 24           25          
  27   28      
29           30            
        31 32
33       34     35 36            
  37         38        
39   40        

3.Fresh cheese found in South Asian cuisine
5.Embattled leader of Thailand
9.Canadian tech maker recently boosted by US Department of Defence contract
13.Music festival opens its 19th year in Toronto this summer (abbreviation)
14.Country nearest to North Magnetic Pole
17.World’s largest rodent
18.Fear of fire
19.Largest First Nations police agency in Canada (abbreviation)
21.Prime Minister Harper’s Leaside public school
23.Riverdale might loose one
25.Canadian beach and Roman goddess of love
26.The letter ‘X’ in the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet
28.Recently scarce in Toronto
29.Tim Horton’s game
30.Western hairstyle banned in Iran as of July, 2010
33.Valentine’s 2014 falls on this day
36.British sandwich spread recently banned in Canada
37.Male fish of this colourful freshwater species will attack their own reflection
38.Number of hairs atop Homer’s head
39.A squirrel’s home
1.In the lunar New Year Chinese calendar, 2014 is the year of this animal
2.Code-breaker and computer science pioneer granted posthumous pardon
3.Seattle satire
4.Arctic island disputed between Canada and Denmark
6.Maritime-named London street known for its newspapers
7.Sheldon Cooper's catch phrase
8.Formerly Ceylon
10.Site of Yanukovych protests
11.Controversial American friend of Kim Jong Il
12.Won’t be coming back in Walking Dead
15.These bells launched Virgin Records in 1973
16.Form’s East York’s western boundary
20.Controversial American leaker
22.Julian Assange claimed asylum at this country’s UK embassy
24.Illusory artist
27.Colour of new Canadian-grown GM tomatoes
31.Number of planets in the solar system according to International Astronomical Union
32.Southernmost point in Ontario
34.When a door’s not a door
35.Flies without wings
40.Bieber charged with vandalism for throwing these

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