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U.S. Imperialism

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1.belief that race determines traits and capabilities
7.agreement stipulating the Cuba could not enter any foreign agreements, must allow the US to establish Naval bases on the island and must let the US intervene whenever necessary.
12.extension of a nation's power over other lands
14.a feeling of strong national pride and desire for aggressive foreign policy
15.a waterway connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and used to move our Navy quicker
16.an extension to the Monroe Doctrine that denied the U.S. wanted more territories
17.Spanish American War
18.agreement where Spain recognized Cuba's independence and gave the Phillipines, Guam and Puerto Rico to the U.S.
2.Ship blown up in Cuba's harbor
3.encouraged expansion and believed " a quest for an empire would restore the nations's spirit".
4.a sense of pride in one's nation, culture, customs
5.President Taft's policy of encouraging American investment in foreign economics
6.grant or piece of land in exhange for a promise to use the land for a specific purpose
8.Opposed US take over of Hawaii and Last Hawaiin Queen
9.Belief that we are "Preordained to expand".
10.Belief that the US would have equal access to China's millions of consumers
11.people native to a region
13.term used to describe a Central American nation dominated by United States business interest

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