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Beth B.

Study Tool

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1.A powerful way of investigating reality to discover how it works
3.The smallest living things
7.The formal process of conducting science
8.The extremely tiny central lump of particles in an atom
9.Various kinds of chemical bonds that hold atoms together loosely and are fairly easy to break.
10.They can be found in proteins
12.They orbit the nucleus of atoms at about 186,000 miles per second, and form the semi-solid outer surfaces of atoms. They have negative charge.
15.The study of life at its most basic form
18.Any large organism big enough to see
20.It helps regulate the amount of glucose in the blood
21.Its where the Actin Molecule is found
23.An educated guess
25.How many proteins are there
27.H2O, C6H12O6, and CO2 are what
28.One of 92 fundamentally different kinds of atoms, such as carbon,oxygen, and nitrogen.
29.The information that is discovered using science
30.Instructions on how to make a protein written in the language of DNA
1.It's a process
2.Electric current in which the electrons 'slosh back and forth', as in the electricity supplied to homes.
4.An ability to push on things and make them change
5.The machinery of life
11.A relatively stable internal enviorment inside an organism
13.The study of matter
14.Anything that has mass
16.An electric current in which the electrons flow in one direction only, as in a typical battery.
17.The basic building blocks of all matter
19.The smallest piece of a compound
22.Chemical bonds that hold atoms together tightly and are difficult to break
24.One complete set of genes for making all the proteins 'Cookbook'
26.Determines the function of a specific protein

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