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Mathyom 2 - Lokz

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3.the study of the relationship between organisms and their environment
4.all organisms of a particular species living in a particular habitat than can reproduce among themselves
5.animals that feed on both plants and animals
8.animals that feed directly on producers
10.some animals go to sleep during the winter
12.everything around an organism that affects its growth, development and survival
15.animals that feed on herbivores or other carnivores
16.relationship between two organisms where one benefits but the other is unaffected
17.physical components:water, air, light, mineral, temperatures
1.made up of all living things:plants, animals, fungi, micro-organisms
2.all the populations living together in the same habitat
4.animals that is hunted and eaten by predators
6.living organisms in an environment are dependent on each other
7.the nature home of an organism where it lives and where it gets everything it needs to survive
9.animals that feed on dead organisms
11.the relationship between organisms of two different species where parasite benefits at the expense of the host
13.the relationship between two species of organisms in which both species benefit
14.animal that hunts and eats another animal

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