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Chapter 2


1 2           3
  4   5
  6 7                        
14                     15
17               18 19   20
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1.The different colors go together so well that they create a kind of ___ .
7.The painting could be ___ as post impressionist, but Dri says it is expressionist.
8.Don't ___ with the process. You'll ruin the whole thing.
10.antonym: planned
12.The ___ of the sculpture was so huge that it overwhelmed us when we saw it.
13.Becky really liked the painting and showed her ___ by telling the artist how nice it was.
14.Both of the new buildings are well ___ into the old campus.
16.The issue was so ___ that we had to talk about the various aspects before making a decision.
17.I would ___ "Scream" to the post impressionistic period.
22.Some people just react negatively and create a certain ___ that's really hard to put up with.
24.You have the right to ___ happiness, whatever that means to you.
25.The olympic skater's ___ of her routine was perfect. No one had done it so well before.
26.We ___ the argument by looking at the merits of both sides. Becky's side, of course, won out.
27.Using a new ___ , the scientists could carefully isolate the particle.
28.antonym: static
29.The laptop is quite ___ and will take a beating.
2.antonym: representational or abstract
3.Becky is not perfect. She is far from the ___ that her boyfriend has created in his mind.
4.antonym: undecided
5.It will still be here generations from now because it's built to be ___ .
6.Becky's ___ could be quite volatile. She would be happy at one moment and hostile at another.
9.antonym: superficial
11.The different ___ of his art is really clear if you contrast his early pieces from his late ones.
12.antonym: deficient
15.I was left with the ___ that Becky was angry.
18.Becky ___ as the best candidate for the new position.
19.The photo ___ the professor in his office working on his research.
20.Becky was ____ to apply for the position, even though she didn't really want to change jobs.
21.antonym: permanent
23.You should ___ your minds from old, stale ways of thinking.

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