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Olympic Sports

guess the type of Olympic sport described in the clues. MOST winter or summer sports are included in this puzzle.

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4.My first winter Olympic appearance was 1924 in France, but women's first Olympic appearance was in 1952, What sport am I? (3 words)
6.My sport involves All-Around, balance beam, un-even bars, vault and floor routine.
9.I was featured in the first of the Winter Olympic games back in 1924 for Men's, but women's didn't feature until winter of 1960, What sport am I? (2 words)
12.I'm a two or four person blank, I'm a gravity-powered sled?
13.I made debut at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris, France. It disappeared until 1912, but has appeared at every Summer Olympic Games since. My sport involves saddle and Bridle.
19.I was first introduced in the official programme of the Summer Olympic Games at the 1904 Games of St. Louis and has been an Olympic sport since, What sport am I?
20.I was originated in Switzerland, a man or woman will run and hop on me, they slide down on their stomach?
21.I was featured in the Summer Olympic Games official program in 1900 and 1904. At the IOC session in Copenhagen in October 2009, the IOC decided to reinstate this event for the 2016 Summer Olympics.[1][2] The event will be open to professionals. My sport involves hole in one and Fore.
1.My first contested appearance in the 1908 Winter Olympics, I can be single, partnered or freestyle on ice with toe-pic skates, What sport am I? (2 words)
2.Blank was inspired by skateboarding, skiing and surfing?
3.I was created in medieval, Scotland, its when players slide stones on sheets of ice and target to segment into four concentric rings?
5.My sport involves individuals or teams of 5 manipulate one or two pieces of apparatus: clubs, hoop, ball, ribbon, rope and Free (no apparatus). An individual athlete only manipulates 1 apparatus at a time.
7.In the 1964 Winter Olympic games with Men's, Women's or double events and I'm a two person sled, What sport am I?
8.i have been contested as an indoor sport at the Summer Olympic Games since 1964. My sport involves in bump, spike and out.
9.Men's individual large hill, team large hill.; men's and women's individual normal hill. What sport am I? (2 words)
10.There are two tournaments(Men's or Women's), Men's USA team beated Russia this year of 2014, What sport am I? (2 words)
11.I have been included in every Summer Olympic Games except 1896 and 1932 as a men's competition sport. Women's football was added to the official program in 1996. I'm played with a ball with octagon shapes.
14.I made my first appearance at the Summer Olympic Games as a demonstration sport at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea.
15.I played as part of the 1900 Summer Olympics, took place on 19–20 August at the Vélodrome de Vincennes. The only match of the tournament was played between teams representing Great Britain and France, and was won by 158 runs by Great Britain.
16.I made my first day debut in the Summer Olympics in 1900 and there were ONLY 14 Olympiads, What sport am I?
17.I was found in Sweden that dates back to 4500 or 2500 B.C., attaches boots or shoes to this Blank?
18.My sport involves ace, alley, all-court and approach shot.

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