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Computer Terminology

Josiah, Jonas and Bassel

Crossword containing computer terminology.

2     3                        
  5   6         7  
8                     9    
10   11          

2.The ability to navigate and create information using different kinds of technology.
6.Is a disk drive used to read the optical memory device with-in a computer system.
8.This is a disk that can slide into a computer and can create audio use.
14.Abbreviated as "DVD", this is a disk similar to a CD-ROM. It can store data including video and audio, and can hold a minimum data enough to hold a full HD movie.
15.Is a little portable stick that can be plugged in to the computer and hold information and can transfer information from one computer to another computer.
1.The brain of the computer; it distributes the memory among the computer.
3.This is the network that you can use to connect to the WWW. You can access virtually unlimited resources all over the world.
4.Is a disk drive that uses laser light or electromagnetic waves to process reading the disk.
5.Most common type of memory among computers and printers and is temporary memory.
7.This is used to put all different computer parts together.
9.This is a micro computer personally used for word processing and other uses and in different places.
10.This is the device that stores the most of the files or documents on the computer.
11.This is a small (printed circuit / card) used for displaying graphics and video and outputting it to the monitor.
12.This is any program, code or library which is not hardware.
13.A copy of a file saved on a different storage device so that if you lose it on one device you still have it saved on another.

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