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1   2 3 4
    5 6 7          
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  12 13              
        14 15
16                     17          
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1.In good health, especially because of regular physical exercise
7.You become aware of something, ..(을) 알아채다
8.The group of people watching or listening to concert, movie, etc.
9.Teens really like to ______ ______ outside with their friends.
13.Move forward on the hands and knees, 손발등으로 기어서 가다
16.We are pleased to be invited to _______ceremony at Daechung High School.
17.To come to a particular situation (ex. If you don't study at all, you'll ____ ____ getting a low grade on the test.)
19.격려. 기운나게 또는 힘내게 하는것. He gave us a great _________.
20.쭈욱 (..따라) 걷다, Tom likes to ______ ______ the river in silence.
21.If one thing ______ another, the first assures the second thing to happen.
23.To pass something to somebody
26.the state of not believing that something is true. She looked at him in _______.
29.Have an effect on (ex. His advice will _____ our decision.)
31.To look at something for a long time, The mad man _____ at the people passing by.
32.He _____ called me as 'old granny'.
33.A first-year student at university or high school
34.It _____ _____ that she was a real winner, after all.
35.시기,질투하는 She is ______ of his success.
2.Someone put something in front of you, so you fall.
3.(미)고등학교.대학교 마지막학년
4.= think
5.= while
6.A pile of things
10.the state of being thankful (ex. He expressed his _______ to us.)
11.To _____ _____ his appearance, he must be lying right now.
12.Korean students usually ______ _____ high school at 16 or 17.
14.남과 어울리지 않다
15.괴롭히다, 왕따시키다 Don't let anybody _______ you.
18.Mike Tyson _____ his rival _____.
22.=entire = all of something
24.고마워하는. I am _______ for your help.
25.Yesterday was the day of beginning of new _______.
26.The amount of space between things (ex. The _______ between earth and sun is enormous.)
27.The door handle _____ _____, so I cannot open the door.
28.헉!하고 숨이 막히다, She _____ in horror at the sight of a killer.
30....을 기념하다, We'd like to _______ our 15th anniversary of the foundation of our school.

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