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Driving Problems page 132

Afternoon Class March 2014

1 2
3                               4
6             7              
      8               9
    10                   11  
    12               13            
      15     16        
  17                           18    
  19 20          
        21 22  
23   24 25         26        

3.We all have this, size small, medium or large
5.Synonym for drunk
6.This test is done on the street or parking lot
8.Tool to take off and put on lugnuts
10.This state has a BAC limit of .08%
12.The semi-truck in front of you emits this
13.___ and argue the ticket!
16.This tire is in your trunk
17.Righty ___, Lefty ___
19.Tool to put car up and down
25.A major car accident
27.Released by cars, factories and ACs
28.They slow down and stare
29.3 ___ = .08% BAC
30.A big belly
1.File this after a fender bender or collision
2.Synonym for tail pipe
4.Police tows your car away
6.A minor car accident
7.This test is done by mouth
8.Driver must at least have in CA
9.This offender has 3 DUIs
11.Synonym for increase price
14.Carts, strollers and another door can make this
15.Synonym for offense or arrest
18.My car tire has 5 of these
20.Blood ___ Level
21.Go to Traffic School and ___ a point
22.Worst, most expensive citation
23.Driving Under the ___
24.Ticket for broken lights, too much exhaust
26.To take away driver's license

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