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Test your knowledge of Britain with the British Crossword Puzzle

4 5      
  6   7  
8   9                          
10       11                 12    
16         17         18    
19     20  
21                 22                    

2.What is the longest running tv series in the UK?
5.What boys name was given to the famous clock in London?
9.What is the largest English county by area?
11.Who is Prime Minister?
13.What is the tallest mountain in the UK?
15.What is the name of Britains longest river?
16.What is the name of the well-known BBC1 soap opera?
21.The British Flag
22.What meal are the British known for eating on Sundays?
23.What traditional drink does Johnny Vegas advertise?
24.What do many people read at breakfast?
25.Which county has been used in the reality show featuring Sam Faiers?
1.What was the name of the little girl who went missing on her holiday in Portugal?
3.In which county would you find the White Cliffs of Dover?
4.What big sporting event was held in London in 2012?
6.London railway sometimes known as the 'tube'
7.What is the name of the Big Wheel in London?
8.What landmark is a prehistoric monument that still stands in Wiltshire?
10.What form of contact is used more than a phone call?
12.What big event was shown worldwide in 2011?
14.Fish and...
17.Where is the Angel of the North located?
18.Who are the two well known presenters known as PJ and Duncan?
19.What flower is traditionally worn by people on Remembrance day?
20.Traditional unit of liquid, used for beer or milk

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