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Goal Three Review

Samantha Garrett

1 2 3
4             5    

4.I was Secretary of State. I also came up with the Open Door Policy.
11.Who wrote the Influence of Sea Power Upon History? He also came up with the saying a strong navy equals a strong country.
12.I sailed my navy into the Tokyo Bay.
13.I am a Methodist Preacher.
1.A group of young Chinese boys who tried to push all foreign affairs out of China.
2.This treaty Japan never forgave us for.
3.I proclaimed and wrote a book on my frontier thesis.
5.This Island was the Gas Station of the Pacific. It was half way between California and Japan.
6.These were notes to foreign countries saying we should all share China.
7.Policy where everyone shares China.
8.The 2nd goal for expansion is to find new markets to sell our __________.
9.1 goal for expansion was to find new raw __________.
10.The last goal for expansion was to get land for our _________ ________ to protect our interests.

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