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science 10 - 9

Joseph MacDonald


1         2  
3 4                   5      
6         7              
      9 10                    
  14                               15
  16     17                      
19           20              

1.accumalation of daily and seasonal weather
4.a radar made to read the velocity of distant objects
6.measure cloud height
10.abnormal rise of sea water along the shores
11.a coating of ice, starts with g
14.occurs during summer approx. june 22nd
16.tropic winds that blow to subtrpic highs to equlatorial lows
20.the time before sunrise and after sunrise
21.measures rain
22.the time when the sun is at the equators plane
23.ice crystals that fall from the cloud
1.a deflective force
2.the sound after lightning
3.balls of ice sized between a pea and a golf ball
5.change in frequency to determine velocity
6.cold mass of air
7.a phenomenom that makes objects appear
8.a small rotating wind visible by dust
9.thunder too far away to be heard
12.sudden heavy rainfall
13.its on grass in the morning
15.area between 2 air masses
17.water vapors directly to ice
18.dry wind on the eastern side of rocky mountains
19.when the areas tempature is below freezing for a period of time

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