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Grassland animals


A fun crossword puzzle that will enrich your skills on animals that dwell in grasslands across the world.

1 2 3
4                         5
8                       9      

4.In Mongolia, these horses are milked so it can be drunk.
7.A famous animal that is known for bouncing around.
8.Te largest LAND animal on earth.
10.A wild dog that is closely related to the wolf.
11.The fastest land animal with a cruise speed of 58mph and an even greater sprinting speed.
1.Another name for buffalo, these animals graze in wet prairies.
2.A small animal that can make voluminous subterranean burrows.
3.A animal thats call almost sounds like its laughing. Hunts in packs.
5.The largest bird on earth.
6.A large bird found in North america and europe with golden feathers.
9.An african relative of the deer.

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