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Sponges and Cnidarians


1 2 3
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    9 10                
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  15                       16
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4.organism that takes in food from the water column
5.belongs to the anthozoan class
6.stinging cells of cnidarians
10.the phylum named for the stinging cells
11.class of cnidarians that corals and anemones belong
13.type of symmetry that cnidarians have
15.group of animals the ones from chapter 8 belong
19.type of symmetry that sponges have
20.side of cnidarians that the mouth is on
21.tentacles up form of cnidarians
22.cells in sponges that transport food and other materials
23.exit for water in sponges
25.class of cnidarians that true jellies belong
26.part of the collar cell that helps create a water current into a sponge
1.having both sexes in one animal
2.class of cnidarans that are colonial
3.tentacles down form of cnidarians
4.one type of asexual reproduction in sponges
7.protein that makes up sponges
8.the algae that live inside coral
9.the most deadly jellyfish
12.the phylum that means "pore bearer"
14.living attached to a surface
16.siliceous components of the sponge body
17.cell that capture food in sponges
18.side of cnidarians that is opposite the mouth
23.hole in which water enters in the sponge
24.anthozoan composed of calcium carbonate

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