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Birthday Girl

Laurel Macauley

For my Mother's 90th birthday

1             2         3
  5   6  
7           8        
9         10  
    12     13 14
16           17    
18       19            
20 21       22
23   24 25     26      
  27 28        
29 30     31               32        
    33               34    
40           41  
    42                 43
45           46 47                  

1.Mr. Burr
2.furniture make Allen
4.Esau's twin brother
7.carraige with fringe
8.detective Drew
9.the barber of fleet st. with Sweeny
11.Hepburns partner "Tracy"
12.invented the cotton gin
16.Beethoven symphony number
18.open valley
19.well Hello
21.he built a ark
25.where you will find Springer St.
31.Beatle's tune with girls name for title
32.poetic name for Ireland
33.american poet "Plath"
35.they sang "Arms of Mary" band
36.after eightynine
37.discoverer Capt George
38.he wrote "Mellow Yellow"
40.what Romans used in their crowns
42.Colonel James Baker was here
44.painting "Mona"
45.three sisters located here
47.ninth month
48.Barbie's partner
49.actress O'Hara
1.she made a flag Betsy
2.one of the Bronte sisters
3.deck the halls with
5.popular tv show with Phoebe
6.body of fresh water
10.actor Tom
11.wife of Abraham
13.Bogie partner Bacall
14.leader of the Israelites
17.legendary flower of Scotland
20.goodnight girl
22.angel who talked to "Mary"
23.TV show with "Ties"
24.famous Clinton
26.legal age for alcohol in BC
27.Acress Bell first name
28.celebrate same day each year
29.poppies on this bill
30.pipes are calling for this lad
34.Kiefer Sutherland show
38.Samantha's hubby on Bewitched
39.the "Duke"
41.female country singer last name Smith
43.Love boat Capt. last name MacLeod
46."Gone with the Wind" plantation

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