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Mallory LaFrance

1 2 3  
4         5
7             8   9      
10     11  
12         13     14          
15 16              

2.grey, poisonous powder that comes from the top of a volcano
4.molten rock OUTSIDE of volcano
7.when _______ builds up, volcanoes erupt
9.top of volcano
12.no historical record of erupting, and unlikely to ever erupt again
14.______ dioxide is common in volcanic gases and in the general air we live in
16.hasn't erupted in many, many years
17.more than ____ of the world's volcanoes are part of the Ring of Fire
18.cone-shaped volcano
20.there are more than 500 _____ volcanoes in the world
21.the danger area around a volcano covers about a 20 ___ radius
1.top of volcano, above the vent
3.______ dioxide is common in volcanic gases
5.many volcanoes along the border of the Pacific plate form the ___ __ ____
6.volcanic rock that floats in water
8.a volcanic explosion can often cause an __________
10.Yellow_____ National Park
11.when a volcano spews lava and ash
13.steep, cone-shaped volcano made of hardened lava
15.molten rock INSIDE of volcano
19.Mount __ Helens

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