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UNIT 7 Digital File Prep Term's Crossword Puzzle


Based on Unit 7, Digital File Prep from MAVCC. Find the words from your information sheet you went over earlier matching the words to the definitions. Please remember if it is a two word answer the box separating the two words will be blacked out. If it is a hyphenated word the box will be blank (or open) and you will need to put the hyphenation mark there. A word bank is given on the back of this sheet to help you.

2   3
4                   5              

4.Article presenting new information on a story published earlier
6.Document with pages larger than paper size available for printer
7.Tags that re placed on data files and images to help define a file in order to organize and retrieve digital data
8.Article presenting information on an up coming event
9.Translating Files from one software application format to another
10.Software that can create an automatic backup of everything on the computer
11.Overlapping text blocks and Graphics
12.Identifying the source of computer/software operating errors and eliminating their cause
1.Reading a document to check for errors in type and graphics
2.Article presenting information on a special event activity or other topic of interest
3.To take out
5.Regularly presented brief articles about particular topics
8.Breif summary of contents

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