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World War II

Maria Alejandra Gondola

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3.Was known for his attacks on the Treaty of Versailles, Communists and Jews, and anyone else who he believed was a threat to Germany and it's greatness.
6.The name of the mass murder of the Jews by the Nazi.
8.Was elected president of United States in 1932, and with the "New Deal" he helped fight against the Great Depression.
9.Is an agreement in which countries promise not to attack each other.
10.Nationalist Socialist Party
12.Became the Soviet leader after Lenin's death. He not only wanted to strengthen the communist ideals into the Soviet Union, but he also imposed the Soviet system of central planning.
13.Is the type of government that places the good of the nation above anything else and this includes the needs and rights of an individual.
14.The Nazi system was had strong beliefs about the being hostile against the Jews.
15.The plan used for mass execution of the jews during the early years of the World War II
1.person who is forced to leave the country.
2.Place were the Jews were sent and forced to work as slave laborers.
4.The attempt for a government to control every aspect of a civilian's life.
5.The places where the Jews were housed in, but eventually died due to starvation or were murdered by te Nazis
7.When the American economy hit rock bottom because of a slowdown in industry resulting many workers to loose their jobs.
11.The known as "leader" and he led the March on Rome. He was a dictator in Italy after the end of World War I.

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