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Looking for a Job page 154

Beginning Class May 2014

1 2     3
  4 5                  
    7 8            
  9 10              
11   12               13  
  16 17  
  18               19        
20       21                    

2.Top position
5.Beginning position
6.Suggest and refer
8.Could I speak to the ___, please?
10.Someone gave me information, told me about job
11.Night shift
14.Skills and experience
15.Need three of these letters
18.At Laundromats, schools and post offices
20.A sign in the window
24.$8.00 per hour
1.Long time
3.Not face to face
4.Could I have an ___, please?
7.What's the ___?
9.Upset, angry and tired
12.What positions are ___?
13.Are you ___?
16.In the newspaper
17.Short time
18.Can speak two languages
19.Do you offer ___?
21.Easiest way to find a job
22.Helps you search the Internet at agency
23.What are the ___?

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