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6   7  
8                       9                  
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12                   13                    

2.The process of copying files to a CD is known as:
3.A standard interface used to send commands between computers and musical instruments is:
4.Hypertext was developed to allow textual information to be linked in a ____________ manner.
8.Using ___________ , Human voice can directly be recorded into the computer.
9.Copying the ideas and words of another person and presenting it as one’s own work is called
10.A computer image use pixels or dots on the screen to form itself. And these dots or pixels , when combined with number of colors and other aspects are called
11.when the images are moving which have a strong effect on the human vision.
12.The term ____________ refers to a combination of text, graphics, animation, video, music, voice, and sound effects used to communicate a message.
13.is a term that has many meanings but it closely related to concepts such as meaning ,knowledge,representation,communication.
15.stands for graphical user interface
16.______________ means protecting information and information systems from authorized access ,use , disclosure , disruption ,modification or destruction.
17.____________is the term to prevent the disclosure of information to unauthorized individuals or systems
1.MIDI stands for:
5.copy right is one of the forms of intellectual property right ,offers exclusive rights for protecting the original and creative work like-musical,literary
6.____________have some meaning which helps to take a decision.
7.is a set of unrelated information.
14.It is a set of more than one media elements used to produce a more structured way of communication .

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