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Wordlist crossword puzzle.

Teacher Alistair

2         3     4 5
9 10    
    11             12
13   14       15                 16
  17 18 19 20          
22               23          
25     26        
    27   28      

2.This is the parents' little girl.
6.This big strong bird flies fast and high.
7.This word means 'every person'.
8.Another word for scared.
11.This is what we call a place where they make things like iPhones or cars.
13.This person will lead others.
15.A very nice taste. Yummy!
20.Very quiet, no sound at all.
22.It has two wheels but it's faster than a bike.
23.Everyone knows about David Beckham. He's a __________ footballer.
24.I can't buy that. It's too _____________.
25.This is the sandy place next to the sea.
27.Another word for me.
29.This person's job is writing.
30.If you work hard for a long time, you will get _________.
1.We can go here to see very old things.
3.If your tooth is very sore, you have a ___________.
4.This is where you can find so many books to borrow and read.
5.The rain sometimes falls when you have a big one above you.
9.We all live in the same _________.
10.You can wrap it around your neck if the weather is cold.
12.This store sells many medicines and health products.
14.This person makes beautiful art works.
16.Very, very small.
17.I don't need any more. I have _________.
18.The year 2016 is in the __________.
19.Nothing wrong, everything very good.
21.They make lovely bread and cakes here.
26.People work and live here. There are so many cars and buses.
27.There are twelve of these in one year.
28.Don't tell anyone! It's a _________ between you and me.

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