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June Pub Quiz Questions

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3                               4
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  16       17                    

3.Created at the request of Sylvester Stallone, what hit 1982 song was written & recorded by the rock band, Survivor?
5.What successful beverage did the Coors Brewing Company launch in 1978?
6.What English rock band recently announced that they’ll be releasing a new album later his year, 23 years after their singer died of AIDS-related complications?
8.In 1955, who created the Muppets?
10.What Swiss cinnamon schnapps is sold with small flakes of gold in the bottle?
14.What country launched its first space satellite on June 18, 2006?
15.What famous British naval officer was removed from his command by rebels twice, once in 1789 aboard the famous HMS Bounty, and again in 1808 when he incited the Rum Rebellion in Australia?
16.In Canada’s one and only FIFA World Cup appearance, how many goals did it’s team score?
17.Sir William Howard Russell is considered to have been the first modern war correspondent, after spending 22 months covering which war for The Times?
18.Designed in 1946, what type of clothing was named after a nuclear bomb test site?
19.What is the first name of the 3’11” French actor was famous for his roles as Tattoo and Nick Nack?
20.What famous battle was fought exactly on June 18, 1815, in what is now Belgium?
21.The Galapagos Islands make up a province of which country?
22.Which player scored the infamous ‘Hand of God’ goal in the 1986 FIFA World Cup?
1.Helen Clark, Walter Nash, and Peter Fraser were all Prime Ministers of which country?
2.Who did Rolling Stone Magazine name the greatest singer of all time?
4.Which of the following countries has never placed in the top 3 in a FIFA World Cup tournament: Turkey, United States, Poland, Mexico, or Sweden?
7.What famous philosopher and scientist tutored Alexander the Great?
9.In the original 1941 film, The Wolf Man, who played the Wolf Man?
11.In Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, who is the King of Ithaca?
12.Which of Shakespeare’s plays is based on a legendary king of ancient Britain, who supposedly reigned in the 8th century BCE?
13.What famous Russian video game was created exactly 30 years ago this week (June 18)?
17.In a 1978 special, what famous film character introduced his wife Mallatobuck, his son Lumpawarrump, and his father, Attichitcuk?
18.What country produces the most oranges?
22.What was the name of the space station launched by the Soviet Union in 1986?

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