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Drugs for Respiratory Disorders

Brooke Bach


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2.This is triggered b stimuli such as stress, allergens, and pollutants.
4.Device used to improve drug delivery to the lungs.
6.Three types of antitussives are nonnarcotic, combination preparations, and
7.Medication used if a bacterial infection results from retained mucus secretions.
10.Used to assist in loosening mucus from the airway.
11.This type of glucocorticoid is not helpful in treating severe asthmatic attacks.
16.This can decrease the effect of beta blockers.
17.Occurs with repeated, excessive use of oral inhalation.
19.Second beta-adrenergic agent first marketed in 1961.
21.This is a second generation antihistamine.
22.Most common expectorant,
23.These need to be washed with warm water and dried after use.
24.This route usually delivers the drug directly to the constricted bronchial site.
25.What counts are elevated during an allergic reaction indicating inflammation.
1.Allergic rhinitis is called hay fever and it is caused from this.
2.Most common risk factor for COPD.
3.Bronchial secretions that are yellow or green in color indicate.
5.Most likely to occur when theophylline serum concentrations are greater than 20 mcg/mL.
7.Used when asthma is unresponsive to bronchodilator therapy.
8.Caused by airway obstruction with increased airway resistance of the air flow to the lung tissues.
9.This has a low therapeutic range of 10 to 20 mcg/mL.
12.Occurs when lung tissue is exposed to factors that causes bronchoconstrictive response.
13.Commonly used as cold remedies and can treat allergic rhinitis.
14.Best natural expectorant.
15.This type of medication can cause dysrhythmias.
16.Inflammation of the mucous membranes.
17.Antibiotics are not effective for this infection.
18.Used in the treatment of asthma to cause bronchodilation.
19.Upper respiratory infections include common cold, acute rhinitis, sinusitis and what.
20.This decreases theophylline levels.

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