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Statistics Glossary - I

Santhosh Teegala @ rk business school

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1.a list of all individuals in a population along with certain characteristics.
4.The process of collecting samples from population.
9.The characteristic of the individuals within the population.
10.Devides the set of data into 4 qual groups.
13.Most repeated value.
14._______ statistics is a branch of statistics that used in estimation.
15.Synonym of Variablity.
18.A proposed explanation for a phenomenon.
19.collection of numbers, letters and figures.
20.whole observations, not the sample
21._______ Statisitcs is a branch of statistics that summarize the data.
2.Non skewed data (Bell shaped).
3.The differnece between min and maxium observations.
5.The average of squared deviations from mean.
6.Another name for categorical data only first word.
7.A subset of population
8.Devides the set of data into 100 equal parts.
11.______ data provide numerical measures of individuals.
12.Synonym for average.
16.Another name for confounding variable is ______ variable.
17.Short form of Standard Deviation.

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